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Where do they live dangerous alligators? In the swampy lowlands of Florida in the United States and China on the banks of the river Yangtze Jiang. Did you know that crocodiles often swallow stones to last longer under water?


Bear can meet on several continents – Asia, Europe and South America. There are seven known species and it is interesting that bears along with jediníní animals are people in the world who are touching the ground while walking to the entire foot.


Gasping bison galloping as you can see on the American prairies and the European plains. Before European immigrants killed the buffalo, grazing in the prairies of North America's vast herds of these beautiful animals.


Bees as well as wasps are among hymenopteran insects. Bees and some wasps have little body covered with hairs and feed on nectar from flowers and fruit juices. As you know, unlike bees produce honey vos.


Kangaroos are Australian mammals that used to jumping powerful hind limbs. Imagine that we know to sixty species of kangaroos. The largest size grows up to three meters and the smallest is about the size of a rat.


Have you ever met a deer? It's a huge artiodactyl, which lives in the forests of Europe, but perhaps in Asia. Deer antlers grow through the summer to the winter shed. The males are older, have longer horns and long hair.


This pet has long since dead. Someone called Dodo and also dodo. It was a flightless bird that once lived on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. Why you will never see him alive? As it was in the 17th century exterminated. Too its eggs tasted pigs imported from Europe.


This pet has long since dead. Someone called Dodo and also dodo. It was a flightless bird that once lived on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. Why you will never see him alive? As it was in the 17th century exterminated. Too its eggs tasted pigs imported from Europe.


Australian emu is the second largest bird in the world and also the best swimmer of all terrestrial birds. Like all species of ostrich and emu are omnivorous, like feed primarily on berries and seeds. Do you think you proved to him uplavet?


Flamingos are impervious to water birds that are found in many places except South Asia and Australia. They nest in shallow lakes and builds a barrel-shaped nests of mud, which protrude from the water and resemble sand castles. Do recess at the top suffer a single egg.


Giraffes inhabit scrubby landscape in the south of the Sahara in Africa. Although the highest animal world, is five times lighter than elephants. Legs giraffes can be up to two meters and thus can run faster than the fastest race horses. How long do you have legs?


This nice little bird that is no more than chicken, lives in New Zealand. His feathers in its appearance resembles a coat and is the only bird to have nostrils at the tip of the beak. He used to digging up various larvae and worms. Kiwi can not fly.


Koalas are cute Australian mammals who do resemble teddy bears, but the real bears have nothing in common. Koalas sleep up to eighteen hours a day and drink very little. Therefore, in the language of the natives koala means "does not drink".


Camels in South America - so says Lama, which accommodate the hard life in the high mountains. Their fur is used to make ropes, bags, blankets and substances for the manufacture of clothing. Due to the robust body structure Lama acted primarily to transport various materials. He could weigh up to 40 kilograms.


Lemurs are among the prosimians and the ranks along with monkeys and humans among primates. Lemurs live only on the island of Madagascar and the Comoros Islands, which lie east of the African coast. Lemurs like to pošmáknou on fruit, leaves, insects and small the birds.


The imaginary king of the animals once lived most of Europe and Asia. Today you can see his flowing mane only in eastern and southern Africa. Lions hunt food about every fourth day. In one feasting are able to consume up to forty kilograms of meat. After such a feast, then sleep all day.


The giant panda is one of the rarest animals of the world. Why? The main reason is that they eat only bamboo shoots. Bamboos flower only once every hundred years, and it takes many years before the seeds grow new plants. Panda, who lives in China and Tibet, it must eat daily forty pounds. That's a good eater!


In the world there are seventeen kinds of penguins. Most of them live in colonies on the Antarctic coast and nearby islands. Penguins are excellent swimmers and divers who use the wings as oars. A massive layer of fat allows them to survive temperatures down to -60 degrees Celsius. That's pretty cold.


Rhinos are powerful toed ungulates with a thick skin that can be found in Africa and South Asia. Roh African white rhino can be up to 1.5 meters. Imagine that rhino ancestor that lived 20 million years ago, was more than nejvzrostlejší elephants.


Imagine that scorpions are even older than dinosaurs, canot eat a year to hold his breath for three days. Although there are all kinds of poisonous scorpions some have only a tiny amount of poison and would not hurt you. However, there are varieties that they could cause problems nice.


The tiger is one of the largest felines and originally lived in the forests of Asia, Sumatra and Java. Today you can find him primarily in protected reserves. There are also white tigers that are very rare. They have blue eyes and white fur with brown stripes in contrast to the typical black and gold coloring.


This is a funny bird, right? She lives in Central and South America, are mainly inhabits lowland and mountain forests States, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. Toucan beak can measure up to 23 cm and is therefore longer than its body. Would you like to have a nose?


Why is so distinctive zebra coloring? After all, everyone can see it. It's because when you move the herd stripes merge and can thus confuse the attacker. Equines toed ungulates living in the central and southern Africa and live up to forty years.